Nicholas Beatty has remained consistent throughout his career in his dedication to exploring the importance of family. Using the platform of non-fiction books for kids, Beatty finds opportunities to stimulate children's imaginations with depictions of life in other cultures.

Beatty worked as partner & creative director of
Goops Children's Publishing (2000-2012).


As a photographer specializing in Hispanic and Latin American Studies, Nicholas Beatty has covered Dia de los Muertos celebrations in the Patzcuaro region of Mexico, as well as the state of Oaxaca. Beatty offers a glimpse into the distinct culture and tradition of Mexico and Latin America. Wandering from city to village, the images he obtains portray an insider’s view of the locations, and people most tourists never have an opportunity to experience. Whether representing the explosive color and amazing vibrancy of the fiesta, or the pageantry and symbolism of Semana Santa, his photographic exploration of the human experience fascinates even the most well-seasoned traveler.

Projects of Note

In 2005, Beatty began his documentary work on Dia de los Muertos, covering the ancient ritual in Mexico. His goal is to bring the celebration into a new level of familiarity with an international audience.

Beatty’s Dia de los Muertos photography has been exhibited in numerous galleries nationwide.