Coleen McIntyre has been painting and drawing since childhood. On walls, paper, appliances, etc., using anything she could get her hands on.  Especially if it had color. Finger-painting, actually, is where it all began.

After finishing high school in New Jersey where she grew up, Coleen graduated college from  The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA with a BFA in Illustration. She then began fine tuning her artwork with watercolor,  a medium she fell in love with. She then moved to gouache, ink, and other mediums in conjunction with the watercolor if the painting calls for it.

Coleen really loved New Jersey and Philadelphia, but  just couldn’t find the inspiration she needed for her artwork on the east coast.  She took a few road trips across the US, eventually settling in Portland, Oregon, surrounding herself with magical scenery from the lush Oregon Coast to the beautiful, eclectic city of Portland.

Coleen states, "I derive most  inspiration from folk tales, other children’s books, songs, and dreams. In these times of much chaos and anger I find peace in the surreal, fantasy world and the wonderful nature which surrounds us. I tend to focus my artwork on the natural and mystical aspects of life."